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Platform Performance Artists

Wednesday June 28, 2023 5:30 PM

Project Arts Centre - The Cube


Alessandra Azevedo

Alessandra Azevedo is an Afro-Brazilian dancer, Capoeira performer & instructor from Salvador, Bahia – home to the largest African diaspora population & Afro-Brazilian culture. Her practice is rooted in body movement to promote connections and cultural education, driven by the potential of her African Brazilian heritage and using dance as a tool to achieve it. Since moving to Ireland in 2015, she has worked with Catherine Young, John Scott, Selma Daniel, Andreia Williams, Barra O’Flannaigh, Vivian Brodie Hayes, Justine Doswell, Deirdre Murphy, Simeon Smith and other artists since coming to Ireland. Alessandra is using her current Arts Council Bursary award to contemplate and deepen her skills as a performer & facilitator to establish herself as an ambassador of Afro-Brazilian culture in Ireland. Along with her dance group Natural Rhythm, Alessandra shares styles from the many African dances that were developed as a form of personal and artistic expression in areas where the diaspora settled - Alessandra shares the rhythms and dances that developed from these roots that still echo the strength, culture, resilience and beauty of ancient communities.

NAF Dance: Nóra Ní Anluain Fay and primary collaborator Sorcha Murphy

NAF Dance is headed by Nóra Ní Anluain Fay and primary collaborator Sorcha Murphy. They will graduate from Fontys University Tilburg, the Netherlands, July 2023 in choreography and contemporary. They both trained with Dublin Youth Dance Company and have worked with many choreographers such as Oona Doherty, Liz Roche, John William Watson and Kerren Rosenburg performing globally. Their own work focuses on the bridge between dance and theatre fusing dance, writing, film, music, physical theatre and slapstick comedy to create theatrical explosions on stage. Striving to highlight the magic in the mundane and the marriage between tragedy and humour while being moulded through a cinematic lens, humoristic, eclectic, magical worlds begin to unfold. Their international choreographic debut was selected as the Dutch nomination piece for the Szoloduo Festival 2022. Since then the work has been shown across Europe with the latest, 'Usual Programming,' being part of Scene and Heard Festival Dublin 2023. They will create their new production 'Ham Sandwiches and Discipline,' this summer with residencies in Uillinn Arts Centre and Galway Dance Project.

IMG_5672 - Aphra Hartmann.PNG

Aphra Hartmann

Aphra Hartmann is an Irish contemporary and experimental dance artist based in Dublin. She started dancing at Shawbrook School of Dance in County Longford and has recently been freelance performing and choreographing in Dublin, before undertaking her Masters in Contemporary Dance Performance at the University of Limerick in 2022.

Eoin Ó Fíannachta

Eoin Ó Fíannachta (they/he) is a choreographer and performer from Cork, Ireland. Their work as a choreographer has been featured in the Noise Moves Youth Dance Festival and Dancer from the Dance Festival (both 2021). They have worked with Maddie Adderley, Gadget and the Cloud, Domhnaill Corrigan, Shookrah, and the Haus of Mockie Ah. They are entering their graduate year as a student of choreography in Middlesex University, London.

Eoin Ó Fíannachta.jpeg

Emer Lenihan

Emer began dancing in Galway. She then went off to train professionally in the UK and Belgium at Brussels International Ballet competing in competitions around the world, including Grand Prix Kiev, VKIBC and YAGP where she was awarded second jury prize and 3rd place. Following graduating she has worked with multiple companies and choreographers including Etoile Ballet Company, Ballet Ireland, Tani Gill Dance Company, Creative Scotland, Ukrainian Classical Ballet and Cork City Ballet. Emer is currently working on multiple projects around the Uk and Europe including the project Danza dei Perduti and Eye of the storm.Recently she performed on tour in Switzerland, France and Germany and at the Junction Theatre Cambridge, as well as judging in competitions in Ireland and the Uk.

Alex O'Neill

Alex is a professional dancer from Ireland who has a background in Hip-Hop, Commerical and Krump. His high energy, intense, sharp and abstract movement has brought him into the contemporary world by working on projects for Coisceim Dance Theatre, Anu Production and Irish Modern Dance Theatre. He has an interest in working with dancers from different dance backgrounds as well as artists with different passions as he believes the collaborative ways in the contemporary world develope the most honest and beautiful pieces of work around.

Cristian Emmanuel Dirocie

Cristian is a professional dance and music artist from the Dominican Republic lauded by the critics for “the flowing, electrical intensity” of his performances.  He specialises in the Street Dance styles – Breakdance, Krump and HipHop and has won many national and international competitions including SOAR UK – HipHop Masters (2017) and Rep Your Style (2018). He has been based in Ireland since 2014 working as a freelance dancer, musician, dance teacher, choreographer, and Nike Model. He has worked with John Scott and CoisCeim Dance Theatre and is an associate artist of Human Collective Dance Theatre

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