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Street Symphony | Culture Night Dublin | Sept 17, 2021

Street Symphony is a live urban dance performance and film journey, using Dublin’s streets and stones as a background and inspiration, performed by 5 exceptional Dublin-based dancers of vastly diverse dance backgrounds – from Brazil, Ireland, Nigeria and Poland. Street Symphony features five solos bursting from and melting into a hypnotic group dance, using themes of bloodlines, migration, assimilation and adaptation in the grey-bricked but often colourful landscape of Dublin.

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Choreography: John Scott 

Dancers: Alessandra Azevedo, Vitor Bassi, Magalena Hylak, Favour Odusola, Sarah Ryan

Music: Michael Scott



Wood Quay Amphitheatre

Meeting House Square

Cows Lane


Funded by Dublin City Council


Street Symphony was commissioned as part of the Dublin Holds My Mind programme for Culture Night Dublin 2021

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