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ACTIONS is a physical conversation between two individuals in empty space. Two outstanding male dancers, Kevin Coquelard and Mufutau Yusuf , merge and break apart - a forceful resistance to merging and the breaking up is the motivation for the movement. The dance material is a battle through the space using physicality, lifts, falls, text and sound with the dancers alternately throwing their bodies together then fragmenting into threads of raw movement. ACTIONS is very funny and tender and human. It is performed as a form of ’work in progress.’ The dancers are engaged in a task of executing difficult and exerting dance but also commenting on the dance, their states of mind.

Actions has been seen at Abbey Theatre on the Peacock stage, Dublin Dance FestivalDance BaseCentre Culturel IrlandaisLe Regard du CygneSchwankhalleLa MaMa Experimental Theatre ClubDance LimerickFirkin CraneInternationale Tanzmesse NRWQueer ZagrebProject Arts CentreThe Dock Arts CentreVISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art and The George Bernard Shaw TheatreUniversity of Colorado BoulderThe CivicMermaid County Wicklow Arts CentreIrish World AcademyBelltableTown Hall Theatre, Centro Culturel del Bosque, Mexico, The Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinehealy.

Choreography: John Scott

Dancers: Kevin Coquelard and Mufutau Yusuf

Music fragments: Meredith Monk and Michael Galasso

Performances 2019


Five Lamps Festival, Dublin 

Saturday 6th April, 1pm on the Royal Canal 

Saturday 6th April, 8pm at Marino College

Teatro Goldoni, Festival of Contemporary Dance

Livorno, Italy

Saturday 13th April, 8pm

Millennium Stage, John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts, Washington DC

Wednesday 24th July, 6pm

VISUAL, Carlow

Sunday 22nd September, 2pm

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