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2021 is IMDT's 30th Anniversary!
We will be hosting celebrations live and online all year

Project Arts Centre Oct 27-30

EVOLUTIONS, by John Scott, is a dance celebration based on the idea that no member of the
same species is alike.
EVOLUTIONS weaves ideas of bloodlines, migration, assimilation and adaptation in an ever-
evolving landscape for seven extraordinary dancers with backgrounds ranging from Merce
Cunningham to Capoeira, to street dance, using bird-flight pathways as a choreographic map.
EVOLUTIONS is joyous and very beautiful
EVOLUTIONS is sharing
EVOLUTIONS acts like a camera or an eye on what is happening everywhere
EVOLUTIONS has dancers from Brazil, France, Ireland, Nigeria, Poland

Choreography: John Scott

Lighting Design: Eric Würtz

Sound/Music: Michael Scott

Dancers: Alessandra Azevedo, Ashley Chen, Magdalena Hylak, Oran Leong, Favour Odusola, Sarah Ryan. (Understudy Elysia McMullen)

Project Arts Centre - Space Upstairs
39 East Essex Street,
Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

Preview: Wednesday 27 October
Premiere: Thursday 28 October
Runs until Saturday 30 October