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Upon receiving the Arts Council Ireland’s 2023 Commission Award, Irish Modern Dance Theatre has commissioned international dance artist, Abby Zbikowski to create a new highly physical work for 6 dancers from varying movement trainings and ethnic backgrounds that currently call Ireland home. Abby Z (Zbikowski) is a Polish-American choreographer who has studied and worked extensively in the Germaine Acogny’s legendry ‘Ecole des Sables’ African Dance Academy in Senegal. Abby Z will be in residence with Irish Modern Dance Theatre throughout 2024.

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This new work will be Abby Z’s latest work on a ten year trajectory of creating highly physical, collaborative dance works that force audiences and dancers to reckon with the collision of cultures that vibrate throughout the practice of dance in this contemporary moment, and manifest a path towards equity that supports the necessary evolution of the world via the practice of dance. Throughout the process of creation Abby Z physically challenges assumed conventions of form and work towards re-imagining known outcomes as a way to challenge the systems we cling to for understanding.

Upcoming Performances and Workshops

WORKSHOP: Abby Zbikowski

Saturday 9 March | 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Dance Ireland, Foley Street, Dublin 1


Join renowned American choreographer Abby Zbikowski for a workshop at Dance Ireland on Saturday 9 March. Irish Modern Dance Theatre (IMDT) and Dance Ireland are pleased to invite you to take part in a workshop with American choreographer Abby Zbikowski, who will be working on a new commissioned work with IMDT.

Abby is keen to use this opportunity to meet Irish based dancers for her creation process.

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Friday 15 March | 7:30pm

Dance Limerick, Limerick

Tickets on sale soon!

Saturday 23 March | 8pm

The Town Hall Theatre, Galway

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Heroes is part of a shared triple bill curated by Magdalena Hylak, the Galway Dance Artist in Residence. 'Three exceptional solos from three of the most experienced performers in the country: from the fulfilled silence of Mary Nunan’s ‘Slant’ to the lyrical approach of John Scott’s ‘Heroes’, through the experimental proposition of Magdalena Hylak’s ‘A Dance’ this event is without a doubt one of the best contemporary dance triple bills of the first quarter of the year.'


Tuesday 16 April 

Part of the Five Lamps Arts Festival, Dublin

More details coming soon...

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