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Choreography: John Scott

Dancers: Ashley Chen
Kevin Coquelard
Oona Doherty
Valda Setterfield
Mufutau Yusuf

Music composition: Tom Lane

Lighting: Eric Wurtz

Costumes: Justine Doswell


Tanzmesse Online Programme, August 2020

Dublin Dance Festival, May 2019

Kilkenny Arts Festival, August 2018


"Inventions is driven by the sense of falling, of moment-to-moment normality swept away in a self-consuming emotional vortex... The dancing from the entire cast is always laser-focused and impressively committed" - Michael Seaver, The Irish Times

"The text and physicality has an urgency and clarity to it that come from a place of truth" - Ian Abbott, Writing About Dance

"Bodies burst into torrents of wonderfully physical dance, teeming with repressed anger and pain and occasional tenderness and delight" - Seona MacReamoinn, The Irish Times 

"By the end of the sixty minute performance, as an audience member an exhilarating journey has been experienced" - No More Workhorse

The team behind the award-winning Lear, John Scott, Tom Lane and Eric Würtz, created Inventions, a dynamic Bach inspired dance, centred around two extraordinary women: Oona Doherty, one of Europe's most gifted dance artists, and 84-year-old dance legend Valda Setterfield, winner of a Herald Angel Award for her portrayal of Lear at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 and recently described by the New York Times as ‘mesmerising’.

Commissioned by Kilkenny Arts Festival 2018, where it received full houses and standing ovations, Inventions focuses on two contrasting couples, one falling in love, the other falling into an abyss. The cast is completed by three outstanding male dancers: Merce Cunningham star Ashley Chen, Kevin Coquelard and Mufutau Yusuf, also working with Wim Vandekeybus. Inspired by the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, this thrilling work will weave new stories in an old ballroom setting that echoes to the memory of dances past.

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