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Almost Blue

June 22 /23 | 2019

Cork Midsummer Festival

November 11 | 2019

Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement, Derry

Oona Doherty, one of Europe’s most gifted dance artists, creates a
new work for Irish Modern Dance Theatre, co-commissioned by
Cork Midsummer Festival.

Almost Blue is a goodbye dance, a farewell. An attempt to move
what has come before and expand through chaos back to the
gentle hum that came before the beginning. It is a waltz of the
inner solar system.

Almost Blue was created for Steve Batts of Echo Echo Dance
Theatre Company (Derry) and is accompanied by live trumpeter

John Walsh.

Choreography: Oona Doherty

Dancer: Steve Batts

Trumpeter: John Walsh

Producer: Irish Modern Dance Theatre


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