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HYPERACTIVE was commissioned by Galway International Arts Festival 2013 and performed at Dublin Dance Festival in 2014.

It is a high-energy work by John Scott for four outstanding male dancers.


A live, high-energy human dance installation, with wild street energy and virtuosity. Hyperactive is hugely athletic, funny and exciting. Hyperactive was a huge success at La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival, New York, 2015, Galway Arts Festival, 2013, and Dublin Dance Festival, 2014.

Choregraphy: John Scott

Lighting Design: Eric Wurtz

Music: James Everest


As a writer, I will never keep up with what John Scott's dancers do in HYPERACTIVE.... Scott's sense of funny scrambles over any flimsy barrier. What is an "invisible hand dance?" Don't ask. What does an all-male chorus line and a Mack truck have in common? What might it be like to stop to smell the roses only to have a heard of bison gallop by only inches away? What's the DMZ between exhilarating exuberance and bodily danger? The work embraces transparency and anti-virtuosity in its raucousness, its grin at failure, its refusal to go anywhere near pretty payoff or uplift... And four butts are worked off, relentlessly, for the entire fifty minutes.Eva Yaa Asantewaa/Infinite Body, New York

"Raising their arms and inhabiting an open space seems to come naturally to the five athletic performers of Hyperactive, as they transform gravelly Wolfe Tone Square into a sandpit teeming with dance energy and boyish glee. Under John Scott’s instruction, their red tennis shoes and immaculate whites are soon bearing all the marks of the get-down-and-dirty dance. It is highly charged, wonderfully high-octane exhibitionistic fun, an entertaining sugar rush for all involved." Seona Mac Reamoinn/The Irish Times

Galway International Arts Festival 2013

21 July | 2013

Galway International Arts Festival

Festival Gallery

Dublin Dance Festival 2014

31 May | 2014

Dublin Dance Festival 

Wolfe Tone Square, Dublin 1

La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival 2015

May 28-31 | 2015

La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival

The First Floor Theatre, New York

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