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DANCER from the DANCE: Livestreamed Dance Performance Programme 1
Tuesday 30 June7:30pm IST/ 8:30pm CET/2:30pm EST

Followed by a live post-performance talkback* | 8:30pm IST/9:30pm CET/3:30pm EST
Moderated by Laurie Uprichard, Director and Curator of Performing Arts, Contemporary Arts Centre, New Orleans

Incidental Music: 'Concrete Rain' composed by Michael Scott

John Scott

Dancers: Conor Thomas Doherty and Sebastiao Kamaladua

Music: BLACKFISH (JG James Everest 7 Joel Pickard)

Filmed by Luca Truffarelli

Swimming on dry land

Running - Not moving anymore

John Scott is a Dublin-born choreographer, performer and singer. Works include Lear, Fall and Recover, Actions, Inventions performed at festivals in Ireland and internationally. Scott performed in Meredith Monk’s Quarry revival, 2003, and for Oona Doherty, Yoshiko Chuma, Sarah Rudner, Anna Sokolow and Thomas Lehmen. Scott was awarded Ireland’s African Refugee Network’s Culture Award for his work with refugees and survivors of torture.

Deirdre Griffin, Headonbody

SOUP (6:31m)

Music: Craig Cox

Costume: Threadstories

“Soup” is a performance piece that mixes movement, sound design and textiles into a bizarre tapestry to depict the altered perception of the recently bereaved. It is a blackly comic kinetic shrine to a lost parent, built on a three dimensional collage of personal and cultural associations.

The performance uses a combination of movement and costume to create a kind of doppelganger character: a fey creature that parodies my bereavement. As the show progresses, slowly I discard the protective layer of character and the work reveals itself as a sorrowful celebration and farewell to my mother.

Deirdre Griffin is a dance artist and choreographer working across contemporary dance, aerial & acrobatics. She established her performance company, Headonbody, to create works characterised by wild absurdity and high physicality. Her recent show Soup, a collaboration with sound artist Craig Cox, was nominated for Best Performer award & Radical Spirit Award at Dublin Fringe Festival.

Fearghus Ó Conchúir & Sarah Browne

LATEX 2020 (6:50m)

Composition and sound design: Alma Kelliher

Latex sculpture: Sarah Browne

In 2013, Fearghus performed Cure, a work made when he commissioned a group of six people he’d worked with on previous projects to choreograph short solos for him on the idea of recovery.  He assembled the six separate pieces into a single work for stage. Sarah Browne created her choreography with Fearghus through a thin sculpture she made for him, from liquid latex rubber. Fearghus has returned to this object for this new version of that choreography. Latex 2020 still carries the history of Cure, as well as taking on new resonances in this performance filmed in London as it emerges tentatively from lockdown.

Fearghus Ó Conchúir is a choreographer and dance artist. Frequently collaborating with experts from across and beyond the arts, he champions dance as a way to help us understand how we live in the world. He is Deputy Chair of the Arts Council of Ireland. 

Sarah Browne is an artist concerned with non-spoken, bodily experiences of knowledge, labour and justice. Her practice involves sculpture, film, performance and public projects, as well as forms of writing and publishing in diverse contexts.

Jeanine Durning


I’m interested in choreography as a ways and means to mobilize questions about how our basic need for connection and communication aligns, and often misaligns, with how our thinking and feeling come to form and action. I have an ongoing practice I call nonstopping and have made several performances based on this practice including inging, To Being and my current project, Dark Matter.

Jeanine Durning is an Alpert Award winning practice-based choreographer and performer from New York whose work has been described by The New Yorker as having both “the potential for philosophical revelation and theatrical disaster.” She uses everything she has to give everything she’s got.

Mufutau Yusuf


Music: Vigil by John Coltrane

This short dance improvisation is inspired by some of my observations during the last few months. First instigated by the spread of the Covid-19 then unfolding into the recent but familiar case of systemic racism in the US. The most recurring motif in these observations seems to be the notion of confinement, in various forms.

Nigeria-born Irish dancer Mufutau Yusuf joined Dublin Youth Dance Company at 16 and two years later performed with Irish Modern Dance Theatre in Fall and Recover, the first of many works with the company. He graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) in 2016. Mufutau also develops his own work and is currently working with Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez.

Aoife McAtamney

19062020 NIGHT DANCE (3:26m)

19062020 Night Dance is part two in a series of short dance performances set in urban locations. The street lights, the sound of silence, the night sky merge to create a theatrical atmosphere for a dance of liberation. The fleshy, fluid, expansive body contrasts the concrete structures, creating new ways to view our surroundings.

Aoife McAtamney is a multidisciplinary artist living in Dublin working mainly in the field of contemporary dance and music. Before Covid 19, Aoife was touring ‘Lady Magma’ as a dancer and vocalist with Oona Doherty Dance. Future online performance projects include ‘Lucia’ and ‘Lullaby’.

Liam O’Scanláin


Musician: Áine McGeeney

Aistriú - From the Irish to transfer, transport, translate - to travel, journey or change. A collaboration between traditional artists Liam Scanlon and Áine McGeeney, using the medium of physical literacy to inspire the composition of music: the theme rests on “conversation” bridging artistic practice; with translation of ideas between mediums. This shines a spotlight on ‘listening’ as a fundamental tool of the artist, and begs to ask: can being further apart bring us closer, if only we can lean into a greater sense of observation and response?

Liam O'Scanláin is a former Oireachtas na Gaelige winner, Liam has an MA from the Irish World Academy at University of Limerick. Between 2015 and 2017, Liam was part of Irish-Quebecois collaboration of Sokalo Remix, with Montreal-based Zeugma Danse. In 2018, Liam joined forces with sean-nós  singer Lorcan MacMathuna and musician Daire Bracken to choreograph Preab Meadar.

Laura Macken, Laura Macken Dance

SHELTER (3:44m)
Dancers: Kate Haughton & Christopher Furlong

Music: Conor Sheil

Filmed by Luca Truffarelli

The idea of shelter is explored in this piece.  The practical shelter we need that many do not have. The comfortable shelter of society or groups that we often hide behind that enable us to ignore inequalities in the world. How we as humans shelter ourselves from the shadow side of our personalities that if exposed would force us to have to change.

Laura Macken is an independent Irish dance artist who trained with Dublin City Ballet and was a founder member of Irish Modern Dance Theatre. In 2018/2019 she began creating her own works through Arts Council project funding which focus on the neoclassical style. Her own practice stems from classical but is influenced by a diverse range of styles.

David Bolger


Music: The Parting Glass by The Wailin’ Jennys

Filmed by Luca Truffarelli

For almost 20 years, the studio we created on Sackville Place has been our home - one that we are proud to have been able to share with so many.  Now the time has come to move on

In this short solo, choreographer and director, David Bolger dances with memories past, conducting the creative spirit and artistic atmospheres collected and held within its walls.  THE PARTING DANCE harnesses these physical memoirs in a final salute that recalls the joy that permeated the studio throughout the years.

David Bolger is the Artistic Director and co-founder of CoisCéim Dance Theatre. His work has been seen by millions of people worldwide and has received prestigious awards for its innovation, performance and choreography. David has directed and choreographed over 20 original productions for CoisCéim, including the highly lauded FRANCIS FOOTWORK, THE WOLF AND PETER, BODY LANGUAGE, and the major international co-production THESE ROOMS (Irish Times Theatre Award, London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), TATE Liverpool).

Magdalena Hylak & John Scott


Dancer: Magdalena Hylak

(And further away)

John Scott is a Dublin-born choreographer, performer and singer. Works include Lear, Fall and Recover, Actions, Inventions performed at festivals in Ireland and internationally. Scott performed in Meredith Monk’s Quarry revival, 2003, and for Oona Doherty, Yoshiko Chuma, Sarah Rudner, Anna Sokolow and Thomas Lehmen. Scott was awarded Ireland’s African Refugee Network’s Culture Award for his work with refugees and survivors of torture.

Laura Murphy

TIDE (5:11m)
Dancers: Kevin Coquelard, Marion Cronin, Sarah Ryan

Music: Melanie

Filmed by Luca Truffarelli

Tide considers the volume of material produced by industries versus the space occupied by our physical bodies. It questions the necessity for constant production. It asks whether our desire for innovation in everything from medicine to the arts, from food to packaging can be satisfied.

Tide contrasts the pace of industry with human movement, and the soft yielding nature of the body with the hard edges of manmade objects.

Laura Murphy is a dance artist based in Dublin. Her work generally de-emphasises narrative in favour of abstraction and celebrates the beauty in everyday things. She has presented her work nationally and internationally at festivals and in galleries

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