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2021 is IMDT's 30th Anniversary!
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Irish Youth Dance Festival | 21st November

First Fortnight | 13-15th January 2022

Cloud Study uses the idea of clouds as a traveling, dreamy mass which floats above everything, witnessing, dissolving and carrying storms. Two compelling dancers: Mufutau Yusuf, an Irish man born in Nigeria and Salma Ataya, a Palestinian dancer, are running to somewhere or from something, speaking English, Arabic and Yourba, communicating with their bodies, hand signs and dance. Cloud Study is about witnessing and feeling rather than understanding. It is both hopeful and moving. 

Originally commissioned by Galway International Arts Festival.

Choreography: John Scott

Music: Ryan Vial

Original Lighting Concept: Eric Würtz

Costumes: Justine Doswell

Dancers: Salma Ataya, Mufutau Yusuf

First Fortnight (More info)

Thu 13, Fri 14, Sat 15 January, 8pm

Smock Alley Boys School, Dublin

IMDT’s Artistic Director, John Scott has created ‘Entrances and Crossings’ a new work for five young dancers from Ireland, Nigeria, Poland and Russia, for Dublin Youth Dance Company.

Entrances and Crossings’ was performed as part of Irish Youth Dance Festival at Draiocht Theatre, Blanchardstown on November 21st. 

Choreography: John Scott

Music: Michael Scott

Costumes: Justine Doswell

Dancers: Abo Obhakhan, Alexandra Vostokova, Kama Bugala, Ciara Hannon, Favour Odusola

DYDC video https://youtu.be/4nfcVIuH-dE