Cloud Study is part dance, part dream, part theatre, part athletics. Two compelling dancers: Mufutau Yusuf, an Irishman, born in Nigeria and Salma Ataya, a Palestinian contemporary dancer who has also danced Dabka, attempt to run 1000 kilometres in circles and lines through the space, chasing dreams, memories, and home. John Scott, creator of the stunning 'HYPERACTIVE' and award-winning migration themed 'Fall and Recover,' returns to Galway with a wild explosive running dance: running away, running in circles, which become turns and then falls, Each fall and run generates beautiful, frantic wild movements, lifts, wild shapes in the air. Ryan Vail from Derry has created a stunning original score and lighting is by Eric Wurtz.

Choreography: John Scott

Music: Ryan Vail

Lighting: Eric Wurtz

Costumes: Justine Doswell

Dancers: Salma Ataya and Mufutau Yusuf

Check out the dancers video portraits here