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Irish Modern Dance Theatre,

Rear 44 East Essex St,

Temple Bar,

Dublin 202 AX77

+353 (0)1 6715113



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Light Moves Festival

19-20 Nov, 2015

Screendance Limerick

Dance Limerick Foyer, 10am-8pm

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IDUET Ireland | 2014 | 5’40” | Single-channel 3D HD video - based on material from BODY DUET by John Scott

Director: Steve Woods

Choreographer: John Scott

Dancers: Michelle Boule, Philip Connaughton

A dance shot in 3D with animation.


17-20 Feb, 2016

New York Live Arts

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Downtown dance legend Valda Setterfield adds to a multi-year, citywide examination of the Shakespearean tragedy with a deeply personal and riveting Lear of her own. Created in collaboration with John Scott, Artistic Director of Dublin-based John Scott Dance (formerly Irish Modern Dance Theatre) whose choreography falls “somewhere between Beckett, Chaplin and Monty Python” (Tanz Magazine), Scott and Setterfield deliver a work that is both deeply personal and playful. The inimitable Setterfield, noted for her work with David Gordon Pick Up Company and as a soloist for Merce Cunningham, plays King Lear, giving a profoundly moving performance that explores the unraveling of a universe, parental love, fear of death, personal transformation and enlightenment. Toppling the hierarchy with Goneral, Regan and Cordelia portrayed by three men, including Irish dancer Ryan O’Neill and young French dancer Kevin Coquelard, Lear is a “timely and tender exploration of aging, loss and regret that gets to the very heart of who we are” (Irish Daily Mail).

Lear was originally commissioned by Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland. John Scott Dance is supported by Culture Ireland as part of the part of the International Culture Programme to celebrate Ireland 2016.

17-20 February
New York Live Arts



17-20 Feb, 2016

New York Live Arts

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Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Rear 44 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2             +353 (0)1 6715113         imdt(at)

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